• 8:32 pm
  • Saturday
  • August 13, 2022

A History of Abortion in America

Abortion Laws are Recent Abortion was legal in America until the 1820s. An abortion is "a procedure to end a pregnancy". Around this time, surgical abortions were rare. Emmenagogue Herbs and medications were typically used to induce abortions before "quickening", or fetal movement. Quickening usually occurs four months into pregnancy.  Women's healthcare providers, including Midwives..

Track & Field Wrap-Up

Track and Field League Prelims and Finals were held last week here at CMHS. At these meets, all of the high schools in the Orange Coast League, which include Orange, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Estancia, Calvary Chapel, and Saddleback, competed against each other in hopes of qualifying for CIF.  For many athletes, Prelims and Finals..

The supreme court may overturn Roe v. Wade

People everywhere should be watching the supreme court right now with grave concern. A leaked majority opinion draft piece written by judge Samuel Alito reveals that the supreme court is itching to overturn the influential, vital, necessary court ruling that is Roe V. Wade.  Roe V. Wade is a court ruling that grants woman the..

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